Why not head to one of Cornwall’s big secrets – we have!

Posted on November 08 2017

The Charity has awarded £10k towards a new programme at BF Adventure called ‘Head-out’  – for outdoor activities aimed at supporting young people with their mental wellbeing in an amazing natural environment that inspires, challenges and motivates people, to develop their life skills and to bring positive change to many in all walks of life.

The photographs give you a flavour of what is on offer –adventures on deep water lakes set in cliff quarries, chance viewings of wildlife, exploration of forest trails, wall-climbing, abseiling, flying the zip- wires, archery and canoeing.

Head Out

So who is all of this for?

Actually it’s everyone and that is why we have featured Bf Adventure on our website.

Why not plan something different for that half-term, holiday or weekend? They run a range of sessions for kids, families and friends and birthday parties are a particular feature because they end the day with a celebratory cake!

For 2018 they are building a giant indoor all-weather adventure centre with wall climbing and fitness-building activities and they continually improve their residential premises.

As well as the above this charity’s core programmes are aimed at those with special requirements – here are just three of many on offer:

‘Skills for Life’ a core programme that offers 1:1, pair and group based opportunities, focusing on building confidence and resilience, improving social skills, inspiring and motivating young people to develop through outdoor education.

‘16+’ courses to assist those looking for support, guidance or an accredited course with a difference.

‘Corporate support’ to help businesses thrive by bringing together staff from their workplace, by lifting morale and sharing in thrilling adventure tests.

But it is ‘Head -out’ that has really got us excited; Bf Adventure’s approach to outreach is by befriending those with mental health who find relationships and engagement in education difficult and who get introduced to the site with short visits initially and taster sessions. Following this they have 6 full day group sessions combining outdoor activities with workshops promoting resilience, social skills and building confidence.

This is a pilot programme with a limited number of places for 2018 and we are proud to be associated with it.

What are their tools?

  • One 60 acre classroom
  • One dedicated team
  • One mission ‘inspiring, challenging and motivating people, especially young people, to develop their life skills to bring about positive change’
  • One result setting skills for life’

If you are interested in any of the above and want to learn more look at www.bfadventure.org