The Duchy Health Charity’s prize was this year was awarded to Jonathan Abeles

Posted on February 01 2018

Duchy Health Charity and University praise Jonathan Abeles at the Eden Project Awards Ceremony in November 2017

Our thanks to our Trustee Antoinette Wilcox for this report

 The Duchy Health Charity’s prize was this year was awarded to Jonathan Abeles, the highest achieving 3rd-year medical student based in Cornwall across all summative assessments on the BMBS Programme. Jonathan clearly loves Cornwall and his medical training and received the Dean’s Commendation in his 1st year as a medical student. He was a very deserving prize winner and very interested in the work of our charity.

The event was held in the main gallery at the Eden Project and was introduced by Professor Clive Bollard, a world-leading expert in dementia and Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the University of the Exeter Medical School.  The event recognised high achievement in all areas of medical training from 1st  to final year students.

Tutors, Consultants and GPs were themselves recipients of awards nominated by the students for excellence in teaching medicine, including some in full-time clinical practice. Early devotion to a vocational career was palpable, as was the wonderful camaraderie amongst the students and the diverse interests they develop as early as year 3 of their training.

Duchy Health Charity is proud to be associated with this event.