By Royal Invitation

Posted on June 05 2018

Seven trustees were invited to the Prince of Wales’s 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration in the gardens of Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 22 May 2018.

We joined military organisations and over 420 Charities for a joyous day, one of London’s warmest this year to recognise, amongst others, our own patron’s interest in the work Duchy Health Charity does supporting  the health and wellbeing for all the people of Cornwall.

At the event, which marked Harry and Meghan’s’ first public engagement since their marriage, The Duke of Sussex took the opportunity to deliver a heartfelt speech in honour of his father and all his contributions to charities represented. See

Prince Harry began by recognising the 250 representatives from the Manchester Arena bombing a year ago in 2017 who also attended the Garden Party. He described them as the ‘blue uniforms’ – Police, Fire, Ambulance from the emergency services, and he explained that Prince William could not be at the Garden Party because he was at Manchester Cathedral’s Memorial Service.

Harry said, ‘’Really amazing to see so many here today for this family occasion – I say ‘family’ because this is a chance to for us to honour The Prince of Wales’s work over the past 40 years with all his charities, patronages and military associations.’’

He added ‘’As you know, my father views all of your organisations as an extended family, many of the issues William and I now work on are subjects we were introduced to by our father whist growing up.’’

The Prince of Wales is well known for caring about the most vulnerable people in society, the built environment, health, culture, heritage and education. He has been the Duchy Health Charity Patron for over 20 years and asks to be kept closely in touch with our work and activities. Later this month Dr Barbara Vann, Chair, will be giving him our annual review of activities.

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Left to right: Attendees –  Mary Grigg, Tracie North Deputy Chair, Michael Galsworthy President, Dr Barbara Vann Chair, Sally-Jane Coode Chair Grants Committee, Aldyth Hambly-Staite and Tim Guy (photographer)




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