Posted on April 16 2020

BBC Spotlight appearance hits the ‘spot’.

Our Trustee, Carol O’Brien, put out an appeal for Cornwall’s charities, suffering because of Covid -19, to approach us for support to help them through the present crisis.

Within 2 days our Grants Committee had 18 requests and committed over £55k.

To adhere to our criteria for provide funding at this time you must be a charity in your own right, not be a CIC and show that any monies are put towards the health and wellbeing of the people of Cornwall – and you must be a Cornish Charity and not the Cornish arm of a national organisation.

To speed up the review process we can accept letters and emails, so best contact us via this site on and ensure that you cover the following:

  • Financial problems arise because of the virus.
  • There will be a long term health deficit – at least after the virus related financial problems subside
  • The expenditure stacks up as a viable proposal, and does itself produce a health benefit.

The second round of reviews on Monday 13 April paid out a further £31k and our ceiling of commitment is £100k for the present round of reviews. So if there are any further requests get them in quickly please!

When the fund closes you can still apply to us in the normal way by going to our ‘Grants’ page on this site. We meet quarterly and you can see the dates in our ‘Events’ section.