Webinar 2 Finding Normal – Key-note Speakers’ talks in full
Webinar 2 held on 21 May 2021
Webinar 2 finding Normal - Food for thought and some great contributions to help us all develop the themes and discussions for our major event on 1 October 2021 at the Eden Project.

Learn about issues around Social Prescribing, post-Covid, with a focus on young people and their needs and concerns as we look to a better future for Primary Care. As we look to define a strategy, including making better use of the uncoordinated budgets, and to build on the “one thing that’s great” and “one thing that I will do myself”

Will Marsh welcomes all to the Webinar

Will Marsh of Bristol University, acting as Facilitator, welcomes all and introduces the sessions themes, background and speakers.

Dr John Evers

– a personal vision for tomorrow

To read John’s accompanying paper click here

David Barton

The young persons’ perspective on the future

To read David’s accompanying paper click here

Scott Bennett

Introduces the notion of place based communities and their vital role in delivering SP.

Sir Al Aynsley-Green

The issues that Covid-19 presents to young people

To read Sir Al’s accompanying paper click here

Dr Michael Dixon
Dr Barbara Vann

Closes the webinar and gives thanks