The Creative Spaces scheme – Sensory Trust

The Creative Spaces scheme – run by the St Austell-based charity Sensory Trust –  helps people affected by dementia to get out and about and enjoy an active life within their community.Sensory Trust brings related organisations together including Age UK, the St Austell Memory Café and Memory Matters South West to spread the word that help – and a series of interesting activities and get-togethers – are at hand.One active supporter of Creative Spaces is the actor and presenter Tony Robinson who says, “Sensory Trust provide a really valuable service supporting people with dementia. The outdoors and nature can really help to encourage active lives, independent living and support within communities and I’m delighted to offer my support to their Creative Spaces in the Community project.”

Alan Perkes, who was diagnosed with dementia three years ago, and his wife Pat provide an insight into the work of Creative Spaces. The couple have been  regular visitors to St Austell’s Memory Café where they have painted pots, planted “memory bulbs” and decorated sensory trees – all of which provide “talkative areas” and reminders for when they get home.  The idea of spending more time outside brought the response from Pat, “Yes please – let’s get out and do things. I’m buying Alan some long-johns so his legs keep warm and he can spend longer outdoors!”The Duchy Health Charity ( ) provides grants of all sizes towards projects that enhance the health and wellbeing of the people of Cornwall – and in its work the Sensory Trust’s Creative Spaces was a perfect fit.