The Trustees

The Duchy Health Charity’s Board of Trustees meets 3 times a year.


  • President
  • Mr AMJ Galsworthy CVO CBE DL
  • Board members
  • Mr M Williams – Secretary
  • Dr B Vann DL (Chair)
  • Mrs T North (Vice Chair)
  • Mrs C O’Brien
  • Mrs S-J Coode MBE DL
  • Mrs M Vyvyan
  • Mr T J Guy
  • Mr S Bennett
  • Mr G Murdoch
  • Mrs A Hambly-Staite
  • Mr J Croggon
  • Dr J Evers
  • Ms A Wilcox
  • Mr J Robinson

Above: President, Michael Galsworthy CVO CBE DL (front left), Chair, Dr Barbara Vann DL (centre) and Chair of Grants Committee, Sally-Jane Coode MBE DL (right) with some of the Trustees at Truro College during a recent AGM.

The Board has two subcommittees:

The Finance Committee (Chair: Mr M Williams) oversees the charity’s finances and the investment of funds on the stock market.

The Grant Committee (Chair: Mrs Sally-Jane Coode) meets quarterly. It receives all applications for grants. It can decide to make donations up to £20,000. In the case of applications for larger sums, the Grant Committee makes recommendations to the Board.


The Charity’s Finances

The Duchy Health Charity became a grant making body in 1989. The charity’s funds derive from the sale of the original Duchy Hospital in Truro. That capital sum was invested and produces an annual net income of around £200.000 which is used for grant distribution to support other charities helping tp support and promote the health 7 wellbeing of all the people in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly.

Investment policy
This is monitored by the Finance Committee (above), many of whose members are experienced in business. Our annual accounts are audited by a Cornwall-based firm of chartered accountants and comply with The Statement of Recommended Accounting Practice for Charities.