Cornwall post-Covid-19: What's the prescription for sustainable communities
Use our ‘hit’ word- EDEN!

We invited attendees to take part in a research webinar and to give us their comments and views as they learnt, with us, what the experts believe is the way to best deliver this area of healthcare.

Following the session we asked attendees to send in their thoughts on an email using our ‘hit’ word EDEN.

In February 2021 we will have another session where we discuss the outcomes of October’s deliberations and then fine tune all the ideas and issues ready for the final event.

So why use the ‘hit’ word EDEN? It is where we will draw all the expertise together and run something that we can only decide on nearer the time (Covid allowing). This will be an afternoon event with an international audience, some of the experts ‘live’ and an invited audience. Here we will premier our Social Prescribing film followed by a question and answer session that will be recorded. The results will be published for all our Cornwall GP practices and appropriate NHS departments.