Duchy Health Charity

Cornwall’s leading grant giving health charity for the promotion of health and wellbeing
and the prevention of sickness in Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly

Founders of healthcare and wellbeing related initiatives
can apply for grants to help reach their objectives

Fund your project

Before completing an application please take the time to review our grant giving conditions below to ensure that your organisation is eligible to receive a grant from us.

  • Duchy Health Charity can help registered charities, CIO’s, NHS organisations and occasionally CIC’s or social enterprises, looking for funding to develop health and wellbeing related projects for the benefit of people of all ages living in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
  • We are especially interested in supporting applications where a contribution from Duchy Health Charity would help to leverage additional support from other sources.
  • We can also help with signposting to other possible grant funding opportunities if needed.
  • We do not give grants to individuals, commercial businesses, profit making organisations, groups whose beneficiaries are not people, or applications that duplicate an existing provision.
  • The sustainability of our grant beneficiaries is important to us and therefore we require all all grant applicants to have a proven track record of financial management and be able to provide at least 2 full year’s trading accounts, showing positive general funds (or free reserves); or if the organisation is newer we will require your first 12 months management accounts showing a positive position as per above, along with a year 2 forecast supporting the same.
  • You must have a recognised governing document e.g. Memorandum or Articles of  Association, or other regulatory document, which must be submitted with your application
  • You must be registered with Companies House and/or the Charity Commission
  • The objects in your organisation’s Articles must specify that you support the improvement of health and wellbeing in Cornwall
  • You must have a minimum of 3 unconnected Directors/Trustees, the majority of whom must not be paid any remuneration
  • You must have a Policy in place to ensure decisions on Directors’ remuneration are taken by unpaid Directors
  • You must have a proven track record of financial management and be able to provide at least 2 full year’s trading accounts, showing positive general funds (or free reserves); or if the organisation is newer then;
  • First 12 months management accounts showing a positive position as per above, along with a year 2 forecast supporting the same
  • You must have a realistic and up to date Business Plan to include a financial forecast and this must also be submitted with your application
  • If you are a CIC or a non registered charity, there must be an asset lock clause that ensures funds and assets are transferred to a body with charitable objects in Cornwall should the organisation cease operating

All grant applications are considered on their individual merits by our Grant Committee.

Applications up to £5,000, are considered outside of one of our quarterly Grant Committee meetings, on a monthly basis, whilst larger applications, up to £30,000, must be discussed and agreed at one of full Grant Committee meetings.

Grant requests over £30,000 will be reviewed by the Grant Committee initially, before being forwarded to our full Board, if appropriate, for their consideration.

We do not support requests for funding that is attributed to the ongoing payment of core salaries, utilities, rent or operational expenses.

However, in exceptional circumstances, we may consider funding towards salary costs as part of a new project, but only for a set period of time.

To help you fill out the grant application form you will need information about your organisation and project, including:

  • Address including postcode
  • Organisation type e.g. registered charity, CIC, CIO, etc.
  • Website address and social media page links
  • Year of inception and number of paid staff
  • Annual turnover for the last financial year
  • Brief history of your organisation and purpose
  • Future aims and objectives of your organisation
  • Project name, start date and anticipated completion date
  • Project aims and objectives and success measures
  • How you intend to fund future phases of the project
  • How the project will benefit the people of Cornwall
  • The amount of funding you are requesting and the purpose and justification for the grant
  • A copy of your accounts for the last financial year
  • A copy of your Safeguarding Policy

The form will be saved as you go so you can begin an application and exit part way through without the worry of losing your information.

Completed applications for grant requests above £5,000 must be submitted at least one month ahead of our Grant Committee meetings and you can expect to receive a decision from us within two weeks after the Grant Committee meeting taking place.

Grant applications which miss the deadline will not be considered until the following Grant Committee meeting.

More information on the dates of our Grant Committee meetings can be found on our Events pages.

Grant applications of £5,000 or less may be submitted at any time.  These applications will be collated and circulated to Grant Committee members by email on a monthly basis, usually in the third week of each month.

If you need any more information or would like advice on whether to submit a grant application please contact our Administrator, Helen Newton by email at helen@duchyhealthcharity.org or phone on 07884 556106.

If you believe that you or your organisation meets the conditions above and are eligible to receive a grant from us please click on the button below to complete an application form.


NOTE: When you click on the ‘Complete an application’ button below you will be taken to a Jotform page where you will begin your application.

NOTE: Unsubmitted applications are only saved for 2 months from the date you start filling out the form, after that time all information will be deleted, so please make sure you submit your application within 2 months.

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