Duchy Health Charity

Cornwall’s leading grant giving health charity for the promotion of health and wellbeing
and the prevention of sickness in Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly

Founders of healthcare and wellbeing related initiatives
can apply for grants to help reach their objectives

Duchy Health Charity Awards

The charity provides two kinds of individual awards to students in the field of healthcare –

the Duchy Health Charity Outstanding Achievement Award and The Mary Grigg Award

The Duchy Health Outstanding Achievement Award

This annual award is given on the recommendation of the college/university for outstanding academic or practical achievement in a medical study course.  The winner will receive £500 and a certificate of achievement.


Eligibility criteria

  • Students must be undertaking a health related course based in Cornwall, and may be considered during any part of their course, not just in their final year.
  • The award may be given for outstanding achievement in academic studies, practical work or an exceptional contribution to their course or the community.
  • The recommendation must be made by a tutor or course leader through the associated university body.  If there is no suitable candidate the award will be deferred until the following year.

The Mary Grigg Award

Mary Grigg was a much loved and dedicated Duchy Health Charity Trustee who sadly passed away in 2018.

In her honour, this award of £500 is aimed at providing support to an individual who may need some additional financial assistance to enable them to maintain their studies.  This could be due to significant changes in circumstances, health and wellbeing related, or the need for equipment or learning resources.  Examples of this could be an impact on family circumstances due to job loss; extra travel expenses; or needing to attend an extra specialist course.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be continuing or starting a health or care related programme of study.
  • Applicants must be undertaking a programme of study that lasts at least a year and have a minimum of one academic year remaining.
  • Applicants must be adult learners (over 19), and currently resident in Cornwall .
  • Applicants must be employed in the NHS or other healthcare organisation in Cornwall.
  • Applicants are likely to successfully complete and pass their course but circumstances are putting this at risk.
  • Applicants must evidence why they need assistance and what difference the Award would make to them.

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