Progressing our postponed conference: Latest News

Thank you to the following for helping us with research webinars 1 and 2


Dr Stewart Smith, GP, St Austell Practice
Dr Michael Dixon, National Clinical Lead for Social Prescribing, GP, Chairman of the College of Medicine
Professor Catherine Leyshon, Associate Professor of Human Biology, University of Exeter
Luke Bennett, Partner at PKF Francis Clark, specialist in the Healthcare sector
Nicky Haughton, Director of PH ENGLAND
Alex Ollivier, Social Prescribing Manager, Veor Surgery
Ian Jones, Chief Executive of Volunteer Cornwall, Council of Governors, Cornwall Partnership NHS
Sophie Hoskins, Strategic Director for Neighbourhoods Cornwall Council
Tracey Roose, Chief Executive Officer at AGE UK, Cornwall 
Dr Matthew Boulter, GP, Clare Street Practice, Penzance


Donald Mungall, Change Management Consultant.


Date: 1 October 2021

Venue: Eden Project, Bodelva, Par, PL24 2SG

Time: 10.30am prompt start 

If you would like to be invited to the live–stream of the event please write to


Themes: What is Social Prescribing? Do you know your community and the richness of the third sector? Can we all work together differently?

Morning session: SP – looking at the current position in Cornwall post-Covid and the challenges faced by all of us in Cornwall today.

Afternoon session: SP – we look at how data literacy will help us to bring about innovation and cultural change in the months and years ahead.


Tomorrow’s Challenge

It has been said that In the 21st century world class leadership in the public sector is about influence, not control. No one agency can succeed in isolation if they are to address the challenges of scrutiny, demand and public expectation within a limited budget.

It is thought that no one agency in the public sector can work alone. Agencies will use data and its insight as a glue to hold partners together in delivering their mission. In so doing it is probable that partners will have to lead in a data literate way, bringing about innovation and cultural change.

This step change, though difficult, will inevitably require an appetite for risk as well as an ethical and transparent approach. It could be said that organisations could do well to plan for and lead this change from the front.


Our audience and our invitees

We will have leaders joining us from the organisations and partnerships who can deliver specialist SP health care services, prepared to cede sovereignty for public and taxpayer benefit.

Who can take this approach forward?


Duchy Health Charity: Conference Programme

10.25am Live-stream audience to check in for the morning session via the link that you have received from the Duchy Health Charity  

10.30am Justin Leigh – Formerly BBC Spotlight South West and Associate Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Marjon, Plymouth, is acting as our conference facilitator; 
Welcome, introduction, setting the Challenge and reminding the invitees of the journey
up to the present day

10.50am Kate Shields; Chief Executive of the Integrated Care System
The vision of the Integrated Care System and how Social Prescribing will sit within it.
What will be her main priority and Challenge?

11.10am Lisa Harvey; Service Director for Children’s Health & Wellbeing, Cornwall Council  
The Challenge for children, young people and families within the ICS and Social Prescribing

11.30am Katie Hutchinson; CEO, Chaos Group, Cornwall.
The Roll of the Voluntary Sector, how can it be sustained in the plan and the Challenge: How to cross boundaries

12.10pm Q&A; Justin leads the panel of speakers in the first of two sessions 

12.45pm Sponsors introduced; Welcomes invitees to view their stands during luncheon 

1.00pm Break for all; ‘Changing the script’ our film on Social Prescribing first shown at webinar 2 will again be screened 

For our Live-stream audience please return to the conference via your link for the afternoon session.  

2.00pm Neil Bacon; Professor of Health Care Leadership Management and Innovation at the University of Exeter, who has held senior positions in screening, public health management and value healthcare and Andrew Marsh, CEO College of Policing, Non – Executive Director, S.W. Ambulance the Challenge of data collection in healthcare, means, structure and culture to help support sustainable communities.

2.45pm Dr Stuart Smith; GP, St Austell Cornwall; Local Best Practice, the Challenges
already faced and yet to come

3.00pm Dr Michael Dixon, Co – Chair, Social Prescribing Network, Chairman of the
College of Medicine (on film); the Challenge nationally and an update on NHS Plans

3.20pm Q&A; Justin leads the panel of speakers in a final session

3.45pm Barbara Vann, Chair of The Duchy Health Charity; summing up and thanks 

If you wish to join the live streamed event from your home or office or wish to nominate someone in your place please reply to requesting the live link or to give us the nominee’s email address