Duchy Health Charity

Cornwall’s leading grant giving health charity for the promotion of health and wellbeing
and the prevention of sickness in Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly

Founders of healthcare and wellbeing related initiatives
can apply for grants to help reach their objectives

Our Story

Why we exist

Duchy Health Charity exists to help you in many different ways – from awarding grants for projects that improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, to conferences and events that air ‘hot topics’ and focus on the improvement of health and wellbeing for one and all.

Where we came from

When the public raised funds to build Cornwall’s first private hospital it changed the lives of many who now had a choice of where they could have their operation or treatment.

The hospital was subsequently sold to a private company to secure the ongoing funding required for refurbishment and new equipment.

The £5m proceeds from the sale were placed into a charitable trust, and Duchy Health Charity was born. 

The annual income from that investment now funds our vital work.

The Charity is completely volunteer Trustee led, with a Board of Trustees and one member of staff who provides administration and governance support to the Board.

Since our inception we have given out over £9m of grant funding to smaller health and wellbeing related charities for the benefit of those living in Cornwall.

Prevention – identifying needs and actions to strengthen health provision

Always looking for ways to make a difference, Duchy Health Charity is a catalyst for change.

Through our Cornwall-wide network we can identify and realise synergies and share ideas.

Through seminars and conferences we have showcased national and local research and best practice which has received wide recognition across the NHS and beyond.

As a result, Cornwall now has a network of social prescribers within the reach of most communities and working with partners across different areas of Cornwall we are aiming to extend the social prescribing initiative to include targeted provision for young people. 


Support and facilitation
– children and young people 

Recognising the need for young people at school to be able to talk privately about things that concern them – diet/nutrition, self-image, domestic abuse, housing, sex and relationships, addiction, mental health etc – we developed the first ever Integrated Health and Wellbeing Centres in schools.

Initially in 3 schools, the pilot has been extended to include a further 3.

Another new Centre at Humphry Davy School in Penzance is currently in the planning stages, with the addition of a community primary school currently in the discussion stages.

Using the principles of social prescribing and working closely with CHAOS Group’s Young People’s Social Prescribing Link Worker these centres not only support the children and young people but also their families.

Support and facilitation
– grant giving

We give grants to charities, great and small, who contribute to healthy lives in Cornwall.

Applications are received through an easy to use electronic application form on our website and considered by our Grant Committee.

We can support registered charities, CIO’s, NHS organisations and occasionally CIC’s or social enterprises looking for funding to develop projects related to improving health and wellbeing for the benefit of people of all ages living in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

We do not give grants to individuals, commercial businesses, profit making organisations, groups whose beneficiaries are not people, or applications that duplicate an existing provision.

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