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'Nerth' for 'Trelya' (Power for Change)

Posted on 29 April 2024

As a grant giving organisation, supporting non-profit organisations that contribute to healthy lives across Cornwall, Duchy Health Charity is proud to have funded a wide range of projects.

So we are excited to share the impact that our support has helped ‘Nerth’ to achieve in its first six months, as the project marks its half-way point…

Trelya (Cornish for ‘Change’) is an award-winning charity working to improve health and wellbeing, enabling positive change in West Cornwall’s most under resourced communities.

Its new project ‘Nerth’ (Cornish for ‘energy, force, power and strength’) is a 12-month holistic, intensive, weekly programme of engaging activities, enabling families impacted by or at risk of poor mental health to improve and manage their mental health needs.

Designed to benefit children, young people and families across West Cornwall who are impacted by mental health issues and multiple deprivation, Nerth’s newly published impact report illustrates the huge difference it is already making.

The project builds upon the success of Trelya’s ‘West Cornwall Heart Beats’ – a previous Duchy Health Charity funded project, which enabled families at high risk of, or already experiencing poor heart health, to make long term changes that enable healthy heart lifestyles.

‘Nerth’ is now helping children, young people and adults to: reduce loneliness and isolation; improve nutrition, lifestyles and physical health; achieve healthier emotional development, relationships and mental wellbeing; as well as crisis prevention.

Sharon Rich, Executive Director of Trelya shared her thoughts with us:

“As the Executive Director of Trelya, I cannot emphasise enough the profound impact of the grant we’ve received from the Duchy Health Charity to deliver our ‘Nerth’ project. This 12-month holistic programme is not just a set of activities; it’s a lifeline for families grappling with or vulnerable to poor mental health. The support we’ve enabled by this grant has not only empowered us to provide essential resources but has also fostered a sense of hope and resilience within the community we serve. It’s through initiatives like ‘Nerth’ that we truly make strides in improving and managing mental health needs, and we’re deeply grateful for the opportunity to do so.” 

Through Nerth, a range of interventions are taking place including:

  • Increased awareness and understanding of mental health conditions, treatment and support services.
  • Identifying techniques and methods for managing mental health and building individualised Mental Health Toolkits (activities and resources designed to focus on physical health, relationships, mindset and self-care).
  • Removing barriers and improving access to mental health treatment and support.
  • Significantly reducing stigma and  misinformation around mental health – reducing social isolation and building a sense of connection, unity and improved understanding of mental health across the community.
  • Reducing the negative impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of vulnerable/socially excluded communities.


Nerth’s report illustrates that in the first six months of delivery 185 people have accessed the service and weekly activities which include: developing healthy habits for positive mental health; foods that boost mood and energy; self-care on a budget; mindfulness; depression and exercise; benefits of the natural world; well-being and creative activities; and the importance of sleep and emotional first aid.

We are extremely proud to have helped Trelya achieve these results and look forward to sharing the impact of Nerth’s final six months and end of project report.

In the meantime, if you would like to request Trelya’s full impact report on Nerth, or to find out more about the charity’s work, please click here.

If you are interested in applying for a grant from Duchy Health Charity, please click here.

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