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Founders of healthcare and wellbeing related initiatives
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Posted on 21 July 2017

Are the players in Cornwall ready to have difficult conversations?

Read about the 3 events we ran last autumn when we invited the key players responsible for the future delivery of health and wellbeing to think 3 P’s: Prevention, People, Place. We put the ideas and suggestions from the groups into three generic headings – Quick Wins, The Long Game and Future and Sustainability – all contributing to Cornwall’s STP ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

‘Nerth’ for ‘Trelya’ (Power for Change)

‘Nerth’ for ‘Trelya’ (Power for Change) As a grant giving organisation, supporting non-profit organisations that contribute…

Admiral nurses – Dementia UK

Dementia UK – Admiral Nurses Grant award: £16,000 backing for Cornwall Admiral Nurse service expansion…

Healthy Men, Happy Lives

Healthy Men, Happy Lives The Plymouth Sports Charity was founded in 2010 with the vision…

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