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Posted on 7 April 2022

In December 2021 we reported on the University of Exeter’s Peninsula Medical School award to Emily Nicholson, and showed a photograph of her being presented with a certificate and cheque for £500, little knowing that and official ceremony would be taking place at St Mellion International Resort in 2022. At last, after two years’ postponement we could all get together to celebrate with the winners.

Tim Guy, our Trustee attending the event used the opportunity to say, ‘Today I am proud that my fellow Trustees have revisited our awards programme and now will be including, not only the Medical School, but also the Schools of Dentistry and Nursing – one overarching £500 award to be awarded, each year, for each University or college, to be reviewed after 5 years.’

He continued, ‘and a new Award to provide support to an individual who may need some kind of financial assistance to attend their course or maintain their studies, to be known as The Mary Grigg Award, after a well-loved Trustee who sadly passed away a few years ago’.


The Duchy Health Outstanding Achievement Award

This annual award is given on the recommendation of the university/college for outstanding academic or practical achievement to a student from the Medical School, Dental School or the School of Nursing.

The award is £500, and a certificate with the citation for the award will be given.

Eligibility criteria: Students should be undertaking a health-related course based in Cornwall, and may be considered during any part of their course, i.e. not just in their final year. The award may be given for outstanding achievement in academic studies, practical work or an exceptional contribution to their course or the community.  The recommendation should be made by a tutor or course leader through the associated University body, for example, Dental, Medical, School of Nursing, Pharmacy or courses in Healthcare (if there is no suitable candidate the award will be deferred until the following year).


The Mary Grigg Award

Eligibility criteria: The award of £500 is aimed at providing support to an individual who may need some additional financial assistance to help them maintain their studies. This could be due to a significant change in circumstances, health and wellbeing related, or a need for equipment or learning resources.  Examples of this could be the impact on afamily due to job loss or furlough, redeployment during Covid which affects studies, extra travel expenses or attending an extra specialist course. The certificate and citation may be for ‘overcoming/ facing’ personal challenges.

In order to apply the student must be:

  • Continuing or starting a health or care related programme of study
  • Undertaking a programme of study that lasts at least a year and have a minimum of one academic year remaining


Adult learners (over 19) and currently resident in Cornwall

Preferably be employed in NHS or Healthcare organisations in Cornwall. Applicants are likely to successfully complete and pass but circumstances are putting this at risk
The university/college must evidence why the student needs assistance and what difference the Award would make

To apply: Students should apply to their Head of Department for access to this fund.

Emily Nicholson receiving her certificate and cheque for being the highest achieving year 3 student in Nursing 2020/21 being trained in Cornwall. Because the University of Exeter had to postpone the Awards Ceremony at the St Mellion Resort due to the rise in Covid numbers, our Charity wanted her to still have this in 2021.
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